When it comes to drinking and using opioids, one has to be careful about their intake. These substances a very addictive, and sometimes it can be hard to notice when an addiction is starting. However, keeping an eye out for addiction indicators can help you see when your usage gets risky. That way, you can make changes before something more serious forms…

Addiction Indicators: What You Can Spot

Obsessing over usage

One of the common addiction indicators is when you obsess over taking the substance. Now, the important thing to note what “obsessing” means. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a drink on the weekend. Same goes with making sure you take your prescription on time as your doctor told you.

Instead, things become a problem when you want to do nothing but take the substance all the time. In fact, you might start getting worried that you won’t have enough for your cravings. As a result, you may try and stock up, or begin looking for ways to get extra money fast in order to buy more of the substance.

Higher tolerance

A higher tolerance is also another of the addiction indicators you’ll want to watch for. As you drink, you may notice that the amount you usually drink doesn’t have the same impact. Instead, it takes more alcohol to create a similar feeling. The same can also happen with your prescriptions.

This means that your body is getting used to the substance. As a result, it’ll take more until you begin to notice its effects. This is quite dangerous because you could end up taking an unhealthy dose by accident. It’s safer to either take a break from drinking or to contact your doctor about your prescription depending on your tolerance.

Lying about & hiding usage

Most people aren’t too defensive when someone asks them if they drink. The same goes for if they were to ask them if they take any sort of medicine. This may change, though, if they feel like their usage is a problem. Therefore, instead of being honest, they’ll lie about how much they drink or take.

In fact, it could get to the point where they try and hide their usage altogether. Both lying and hiding usage are pretty apparent addiction indicators. If you already worry about what others would say, then it’s clear you know that there may be an issue with your consumption.