It can be very hard for a person who is dealing with alcoholism to begin sobering up. However, if you have a friend with alcoholism, you might not be sure how you can help. As it turns out, there’s many ways for you to offer support to said friend during this time…

Alcoholism Assistance: How To Offer Support

Attend their support meetings

Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous offer help to those who are struggling with drinking. As a result, your friend with alcoholism might attend some meetings. A good way to show your support, then, is to join them and attend the meetings as well. 

These meetings are usually open to anyone, so there’s no problem going despite you personally not having a drinking problem. Plus, these meetings can help you learn more about what your friend might be going through. Your support can also help a friend overcome some pre-visiting anxiety and give them the push needed to go to these meetings in the first place.

Be there during the rough spots

The road to recovery can be marked by some pretty difficult periods. This is especially true for those early stages, when the effects of alcohol withdrawal are at their highest. As a result, your friend with alcoholism might need some help to push through and stick to the plan. 

For instance, during those first few days when your friend is detoxing, your support can be a big boost to them. You can help them ensure they stay hydrated and rested, as well as keeping an eye on them if they need potential medical attention. Plus, it helps to let them know that they can reach out to you when they need to. However, remember to take care of yourself!

Understand it’s a process

Fighting alcoholism isn’t an easy task. There will be bumps in the road, and sometimes, your friend with alcoholism might slip up and relapse. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve failed. In fact, this is a time when they’ll need support the most.

When a friend relapses, don’t get angry or berate them. Odds are, they’re pretty upset at themselves already. Instead, let them know you’ve still got confidence in them. Of course, you want to do this in a way that isn’t enabling, so they have the support they need to truly kick alcohol.