If you are a recovering alcoholic, navigating the dating world without alcohol can be difficult. So many dates revolve around meeting for drinks. And often, people use drinking as a way of relaxing their nerves on a first date. If you want to avoid alcohol on a date, you can use these tips. For example, be upfront with your non-drinking status before you meet. You can also control the situation by choosing the date. You can always give an explanation to your partner with as much detail as you feel like. And finally, know that you can always leave the date if you are feeling too much pressure. Have fun dating without the stress of worrying about alcohol.

How to Avoid Alcohol on a Date: Stay in Control of Your Recovery

Be Upfront

One thing you can do to avoid alcohol on a date is to simply state up-front that you aren’t drinking. Many people choose to do online dating. In your online profile, you can mention that you don’t drink in your bio section. Some dating websites, like Hinge, specifically ask whether or not you drink. Therefore, you can choose to only be matched with other non-drinkers if that is something you’d prefer.

Pick the Location

Take control of the situation early if you want to avoid alcohol on a date. For example, you can pick the location where you meet, or choose the activity. Try asking them to meet you at a coffee shop or for lunch. It’s easy to avoid alcohol in daytime situations. You could also try meeting for a fun activity like going to a museum or trying a new hobby. For example, a rock climbing class or paddleboarding session. Have a list ready of potential first date ideas that don’t involve drinking so you aren’t caught unprepared.

Give an Explanation

Another way to avoid alcohol on a date is to simply give an explanation to your date. You can go into as much detail as you feel comfortable with. If things seem like they’re getting serious, you can discuss your recovery. If you aren’t ready to do that, but also don’t want to keep making excuses, you can keep it simple. Just say something like “I don’t drink. It’s a long story.” Or “I’m not drinking now, I’m trying something new.” If your date keeps pushing you for an explanation, just know that you don’t owe them one. You get to be the judge of how much you tell anybody else about your recovery. If they are bullying you for details, they probably aren’t a good match.

Leave if You Want

If you are trying to avoid alcohol on a date and your date is pressuring you to explain or to join in the drinking, leave. Nobody should peer pressure you to break your recovery. Often, people want those around them to drink as well. If your date is putting pressure on you, tell them you aren’t comfortable and ask them to stop. If they won’t, then just walk away. You don’t owe them anything. Somebody that doesn’t respect your boundaries probably isn’t the best fit anyway!

Being upfront, picking the location, and giving a short explanation are all ways to avoid alcohol on a date. If those don’t work, and you are feeling pressured to drink, you can always leave. Dating doesn’t need to revolve around alcohol. There are plenty of fun ways to connect with a date other than drinking. Enjoy dating and try not to let the stress of avoiding alcohol turn into a deterrent. The right person for you will be supportive of your recovery.