Ballantyne DWI Arrest | Mecklenburg DUI Lawyers

Even though you were arrested for a Ballantyne DWI far from Charlotte, it is still a Mecklenburg County DUI case. As a result, you need a Charlotte based DWI law firm to fight for you. Consequently, our Charlotte based DUI attorneys can help. Because we want to be your lawyer, we share with you our credentials, experience, and explain how we defend cases. Keep reading. You’re going to feel better.

Ballantyne DWI Defense Team

First of all, we have two DUI attorneys who focus their criminal practice on defending DWI cases. Because of their commitment to DUI defense, they wanted to take the same training as the police. As a result, they can now cross-examine officers based on the same NHTSA protocol for making DWI arrests. 

Getting Your License Back

Almost every new client’s first priority is getting back on the road. Don’t worry. This is our first priority as well. Here’s how this works. If you contact us within 10 days after arrest, Mr. Lee files an appeal challenging your license suspension. While the State has 3 days to file a response, they usually waive this right. Then, we appear in front of a District Court judge who signs an Order restoring your license in full. No limited driving privilege and no additional costs. Rather, we include this service as part of our representation. Now we can concentrate on your criminal case. So how do we do that? We explain below.

ballantyne dwiHow We Fight Ballantyne DWI Cases

First of all, we collect all of the State’s evidence, including dash camera and body camera video. Next, we interview the arresting police officer and review their final report. Then, we carefully review the video for both legal error and how you appear. If the officer did not follow protocol to establish probable cause, we make motions in District Court to dismiss. In addition, we observe your behavior, speech, and motor skills to see if you actually appear impaired. If you do not, we recommend a jury trial in Superior Court. After we review all evidence, we sit down with you and go over your options. Then we answer your questions and give you time to consider our advice and recommendations. Finally, with full information, you make the best decision for your situation. After all, we work for you. Hence you remain in charge at every stage.

Aaron Lee, PLLC

So now you know a little bit about our firm and how we approach Ballantyne DWI cases. Now the next step is to compare lawyers and then schedule a time to meet. Because this first decision is so important, we suggest you interview several DWI attorneys. Then choose the one who gives you the most confidence but also puts you at ease. Due to the stakes, you must be comfortable with your choice. Call us now. You can reach Mr. Reeves at 704-225-7525 or email Thank you for considering our firm.