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Solo Drinking Responsibly

The COVID-19 pandemic has probably meant that your favorite drinking spots have been closed. With bars and restaurants being closed, there’s been an increase in alcohol purchases and solo drinking all across the country. While drinking on your own can be enjoyable,...

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Glass Shapes & Their Impact

If you want to drink a bit less, then you might think it’s just as simple as limiting your intake. However, glass shapes can actually get in the way of these plans. These glasses can be surprisingly deceptive, causing you to drink more than you may think… Glass...

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Vaping Drinkers

These days, vapes seem to have replaced cigarettes as people’s preferred way of getting nicotine. However, this means that there’s a lot of vaping drinkers out there. While it may not appear good to mix these two things, there’s a reason why some people will… Vaping...

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