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Drivers License Reinstatement

One concern that many people in Charlotte have is drivers license reinstatement. Because license revocation can occur during many different scenarios, there are many people in Mecklenburg County that need to reinstate their license. The steps required to get the license reinstated vary based on the reason that the license is suspended.

For some people, they simply have to pay a fee and they are eligible for license reinstatement. Others have to go through a DMV hearing. Others will simply have to wait the amount of time that they are suspended before they are eligible for a license. Because there are a number of reasons that a person could find themselves without a license, it may be confusing to find out the next steps that need to be taken.  Our law firm will point you in the right direction, and will do our best to help you get your license reinstated.

DMV Hearing and Appeals


Whether it is clearing up old traffic tickets, or going to a DMV Hearing (or even an appeal), we are here to help you get your drivers license restored. In some cases, there are numerous reasons that a person has lost their license. We will have to determine each of the reasons, and work through them systematically to remove them to help you get your license reinstated. Any number of things can be keeping you from getting your license, including unresolved traffic tickets, failure to complete the required treatment after a DWI conviction, or an accumulation of drivers license points.

Many times, it is simply an abundance of unresolved tickets that causes the person to lose their license. This is normally a fairly quick fix. After the tickets are dealt with, the person is eligible to get their license reinstated. Old “failures to appear” (or FTAs) on your record will result in a revoked license, and additional fees. Once these FTAs are lifted, and the cases are handled, you can get your license back.

Ignition Interlock Violations

Some people are facing hearings because of Ignition Interlock violations. There has been an event that has registered as non-compliance, and they have been called into a DMV hearing to determine if their Limited Driving Privilege should be suspended. A lawyer can help you demonstrate that alcohol was not the reason for the alleged violation.

There are other challenges that people can face when they are trying to reinstate a license. For example, the problem may be that you have not completed an assessment and treatment after being convicted of DWI. You will be ineligible to get your license back until you complete these requirements. You will have to complete these requirements before you can even hope for license reinstatement.

Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Commercial Drivers rely even more heavily on the good will of the DMV than do ordinary drivers, relying on the DMV for both their livelihood and their freedom of movement.  While a DWI arrest clearly imperils a Commercial Driver’s License, there are other instances where the CDL is endangered.  These include accrued license points, as well as other disqualifications to holding a CDL.

Whatever the reason, we would be glad to help you get your license back. We can look at your record, talk with the Division of Motor Vehicles, and talk with you to determine the best way forward to get your drivers license reinstated, if you are eligible. Dealing with licensing issues can be a headache, but it is not something that you have to handle on your own. Our attorneys will work with you to handle your case quickly and efficiently.

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