One of the hardest things about getting a DUI is wondering what other people will think about it. You may be especially concerned with what your current, or future employer will think. Many employers look for employees who will be responsible citizens who make good decisions. With the job market being very competitive right now, could a DUI keep you out of the runnings for a new job or a promotion? Learn more about how to get a job after DUI.

How-to Get a Job After DUI: Maintaining Finances

Background Checks

Many jobs will run a background check on potential employees. If a DUI has not been expunged from your record, it will show up on a background check. Depending on what type of job you are applying for, it could benefit you to report it to the employer. It is better to be honest and proactive about your conviction before the employer finds out first. Absolutely do not lie when filling out a questionnaire about your background. If you go ahead and are upfront about the situation, you can get ahead of them finding out on their own, and reduce the shock. This could provide you the chance to be able to better explain the situation yourself before they have the chance to come to their own conclusions. Being honest will go a long way in helping you get a job after DUI.

Reduced Opportunities

Unfortunately, a DUI may take away some potential job opportunities. For example, careers that require a lot of driving will likely require a clean driving record. Therefore, jobs like driving for a delivery company, being a sales rep, or working as a truck driver.

Additionally, some school districts, government agencies, law enforcement, and most medical professions are also likely to not consider applicants with a DUI on their record. This is due to the nature of those organizations and roles. Knowing this, you may have to choose a different career path for now. Do not fret though, as there are many other opportunities that you will be eligible for.

While looking to get a job after DUI can provide some obstacles and challenges, there are certainly opportunities still available for you. Just keep in mind that jobs that revolve around driving, government agencies, or medical professions may be more difficult to get into.