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Automobile Insurance After DWI automobile insurance after dwi

Even though every Charlotte DWI case is different, we get common questions about automobile insurance after DWI. If you are ultimately convicted or choose to plea, one of the most recurring questions that we get is, “how will a DWI conviction affect my insurance rates?” Another is “will I be able to get automobile insurance after DWI at all?”  Because we want to get as much relevant information to our clients as possible, we sought answers from local Charlotte insurance agent Ramey Fesperman of the Southeast Insurance Agency.  We have summarized the information he provided below and encourage you to call him with any additional questions at 888-864-1004 .

High Risk Insurance After A North Carolina DWI

North Carolina has an “assigned risk” pool, where “high risk” drivers with DWI convictions are placed. People who find themselves placed into this pool can expect to have their insurance rates go up to over 300% above standard rates. However, not every insurance company puts people with DWI convictions into the “high risk” pool. Therefore, those with a DWI conviction can seek quotes from different carriers and compare rates. However, you should anticipate that the choices are fewer and rates significantly higher regardless of the insurance company.

Another difficult reality is that these rates will continue even after the customary three (3) years when most traffic infractions drop off your driving record. Unlike traffic tickets, a Charlotte DWI results in a permanent criminal record. As a result, insurance companies are reluctant to underwrite you for years even if you have no further traffic tickets. The obvious concern is that a lot of DWI drivers continue to drink and drive. Consequently, carriers that do offer automobile insurance after a DWI conviction limit the amount of coverage available and charge exorbitant rates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automobile Insurance After DWI

  • How many points will I get on my license?  This is a confusing issue for many people.  The insurance point system is different than the drivers license point system.  The number of insurance points for any DWI is 12 points.  This point system is used by insurance companies to determine whether to offer you insurance, and to determine what rate they are willing to insure you at.
  • What is the difference between a violation date and a conviction date?  The violation is the date on which the incident occurred, while the date of conviction is the date that a person was found to be guilty.  In North Carolina, insurance companies assess any difference in premiums from the conviction date, not the violation date.
  • How long does a DWI affect my insurance rates? Most insurance companies will consider a DWI for 3 years after the conviction date.
  • Do I have to have insurance to get my license reinstated? Yes.  In North Carolina, you must have proof of insurance, as documented by a DL123 that is signed by a licensed agent.
  • Am I able to get reasonably priced insurance after a DWI?  If I am, how is that possible?  You may be able to find an insurance company that is willing to insure you at a fair rate.  Insurance companies that don’t mind taking on the risk on people who have been convicted know that such a conviction is often a wake up call for the individual.  They often don’t have another incident for the next 3 to 5 years following a conviction for a DWI.  Therefore, some companies are willing to take the risk without putting the individual in the NC reinsurance facility.

Southeast Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that serves the people of North Carolina and South Carolina.  They specialize in insuring individuals who are considered high risk, such as those convicted of DWI.  You can contact Southeast Insurance Agency toll-free at 888-864-1004 to discuss what options you may have.