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Charlotte DWI Attorney Robert J. Reeves

Robert J. Reeves is a thorough and passionate Charlotte DWI lawyer with over 30 years litigation experience. With both a criminal and civil trial background, he is licensed to practice law in North Carolina (1996) and South Carolina (1989). In his civil practice, he has the burden of proof and must carefully develop his case, prepare the evidence and witnesses, and at trial, must convince all twelve (12) jurors. But in criminal cases, by contrast, the entire burden of proof is on the State of North Carolina. The prosecution must bring the evidence and  prepare all witnesses and persuade all jurors of a person’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In defending DWI charges, Mr. Reeves only has to convince one (1) juror that the State’s case is flawed in any material respect.

In reviewing a DUI case, Mr. Reeves uses his trial skills learned in civil courts to evaluate whether the State can prove their case. After he knows the evidence, he then reviews the strengths and weaknesses with his clients. Always remember that there is no perfect case, either for the State or the accused. Consequently, Mr. Reeves listens to your concerns and answers your questions. Finally, he explains your options, gives you the pros and cons, and gives you his best advice for your particular situation. However, in the end, it is always your decision on what is best for you and your family.

Certificates from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

In addition to his two and a half decades of litigation experience, Robert J. Reeves has also completed the same training as police and received certificates in DWI Investigation and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing as well as Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE). Mr. Reeves believes it is critically important to learn what is taught to police so that he can conduct more effective cross-examination of officers at trial. It is also a matter of credibility when reviewing arrest procedures and the administration of field sobriety tests with arresting police officers. According to the NHTSA course manual, field sobriety test results are only valid if administered according to standardized protocols. If not, the results are subject to challenge and even potential suppression.

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Professional Memberships

Robert J. Reeves is a member of several membership groups which further the pursuit of excellence in DUI defense. First, the National Trial Lawyers is a peer review organization that recognizes trial lawyers. Then, there is the National College for DUI Defense, National Advocacy for DUI Defense, and National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. All of these organizations are dedicated to improving DWI defense through associations with other DUI attorneys nationwide. By regularly investing time and energy in learning new ways to defend against DUI charges, all members benefit and hopefully become even better practitioners. And this is why Mr. Reeves supports these groups with his membership.

Personally Available to Clients

When a person is arrested, handcuffed, and charged with a DUI, they are usually very anxious, confused, maybe even a little ashamed at what has just happened. They get released from jail and need information and answers to lots of questions. Because they have never been through anything like this before, they don’t know where to turn. While family and friends may suggest lawyers, they just want to know what to expect and what they are facing. That’s why we are here and are personally available when you need us.

Robert J. Reeves makes himself personally available to his clients. In fact, every client has his personal cell phone number, 704-351-7979, and direct email address, robert@rjrlaw.com. How is he able to make this commitment to clients? Because he is not a mill firm with hundreds of clients. As a result, if you call or email, he responds promptly, even on weekends and holidays. Of course, that is a real advantage when you need answers. Mr. Reeves knows and appreciates that a few minutes on the phone or in the office will allow you to relax and sleep better tonight.