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Personally Available to Clients

When a person is arrested, handcuffed, and charged with a DUI, they are usually very anxious, confused, maybe even a little ashamed at what has just happened. They get released from jail and need information and answers to lots of questions. Because they have never been through anything like this before, they don’t know where to turn. While family and friends may suggest lawyers, they just want to know what to expect and what they are facing. That’s why we are here and are personally available when you need us.

Aaron Lee makes himself personally available to his clients. In fact, every client has his personal cell phone number, 704-225-7525, and direct email address, aaron@leeandleelawfirm.com. How is he able to make this commitment to clients? Because he is not a mill firm with hundreds of clients. As a result, if you call or email, he responds promptly, even on weekends and holidays. Of course, that is a real advantage when you need answers. Mr. Lee knows and appreciates that a few minutes on the phone or in the office will allow you to relax and sleep better tonight.