Client Expectations and What We Do | Charlotte DWI Lawyers

Meeting Client Expectations. Our Pledge to You.

Throughout my 27 years practicing law, I always try to meet client expectations. How do I do that? First of all, I promptly return all client phone calls and emails. When facing a DWI, there are many complex issues and defenses involved. Evidence and police procedure are second nature to me but completely new and foreign to you. That’s why you hired me.

My job is to simplify issues and be there for you. When you need answers, I am there. Because so much is at stake, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Furthermore, when you put your trust in us, we promise our very best efforts on your behalf. Consequently, we carefully review all evidence and then make considered recommendations. Of course, you decide how to proceed. These are basic client expectations that we follow. It is how we treat our clients.

Personally Available to Clients

In this age of instant communication, there is no excuse to not be accessible. Prior to cell phones, offices closed at 5:00. And few lawyers published their home numbers in the phone books. Email was just starting, but you had to be in front of your desktop computer to check. As a result, you had to call your lawyer during regular business hours. Now virtually everyone has a “smart phone” and use it constantly. Today, our phone is everything. We email, phone, use GPS, search online, and even use them as a watch and alarm clock. They are an extension of ourselves, and we feel “lost” if it is not near us wherever we go.

Despite this technology, many lawyers still do not respond to clients. While no one truly expects “24/7” service, returning a phone call or email after hours is NOT too much to ask. Rather, just a few minutes on the phone can allow you to get a better night’s sleep. And an email answering your question gives you reassurance. After all, I expect the same when I hire someone.

Honest Answers to Questions

If you ask us a question, we give you straight answers. Even if the answer is not what you want to hear, we know you prefer the truth. That way, you can prepare better. How do we get answers, Well first, we get all available evidence and thoroughly review the case against you. Next, we carefully evaluate video evidence for both legal error and jury appeal. Then we sit down with you and go over your case in full. We review both the good and bad with you and answer your questions. And finally, after you consider your options, you decide what is best for you and your family.

One last thing. We never put pressure on you either way. Rather, it is always your choice and your decision. And we never forget that we work for you. While we guide and advise, you are in charge of your case and make all decisions. In the end, these are basic client expectations that we pledge to meet or exceed. Call us now. Charlotte DUI lawyer Aaron Lee will stand ready to help you during this difficult time. The private consultation is free. But we give you options and help get you back on the road. Time is critical here. Regardless, you are going to feel better after we talk. We will explain the DWI process and what you facing. Call us now and let’s start your defense.