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In the United States, commercial drivers perform a very important service.  Without them, it would be hard for goods to move around the country.  In order to have this privilege, drivers have to get a Commercial Drivers License, which is a very valuable privilege.  This makes keeping a Commercial Drivers License a top priority for many people.

As a commercial drivers license holder, you are entrusted with an important privilege…

Therefore, with this privilege, comes heavier responsibilities and greater consequences when you are charged with or convicted of a traffic offense or a DWI.

For instance, for all ordinary traffic offenses, the penalties are doubled for those who have a commercial drivers license or were driving commercial vehicle at the time of offense.  There is even a separate chart for drivers license points for offenses in a commercial vehicle.  Commercial drivers face more serious punishments in these cases.

There is a special charge that only applies to those driving commercial vehicles  

If you are charged with an ordinary DWI, then the blood alcohol content limit is .08. However, if you are driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the offense, you may face charges if your blood alcohol content is .04 or more.  This is not an ordinary DWI. Instead, the charge is impaired driving in a commercial vehicle. Note that the person driving the vehicle does not have to have a CDL to face charges. The driver must simply be driving a commercial vehicle.

There are also laws in place for open containers of alcohol in commercial vehicles. A driver cannot have an open container of alcohol in their vehicle. However, there is an exception in place for a commercial vehicle that carries passengers, such as a limo.

The importance of keeping your license…

Another unique aspect for those who have a CDL is the importance of keeping their license. Losing your license can be terrible for a Commercial Drivers License holder. It is difficult already for an ordinary driver. But, when commercial vehicle drivers lose their license, there are much larger issues. For instance, when an ordinary person loses his or her license, then they lose their ability to get to work. But when a person has a Commercial Drivers License, typically they lose their job. When you lose your CDL, you essentially lose your driving career, at least for the time being.

Higher Stakes

Many commercial driver jobs pay very well, so losing a career can have a large impact on your quality of life. Hiring a Charlotte DWI attorney can help you fight your case. You need to protect your license so that you can provide for your family. You should know though, that when you are first charged with DWI, you license will automatically be revoked. We will have to fight to try to overcome these charges before you are able to get your license back.

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