Alcohol and drinking can come with its fair share of dangers. One of the most dangerous aspects is binge drinking. This kind of over-drinking can quickly spiral out of control if one isn’t careful…

Binge Drinking Dangers and Risks

What is “binging”?

Binge drinking, like the name implies, deal with having too much to drink at once. On average, it takes your body one hour to process a standard alcoholic drink. However, drinking more in that time span will cause you to get drunk. Having 5 or more in that hour span is, by definition, a “binge”.

Still, some groups tend to binge more frequently than others. For instance, college-aged people have some of the highest binging rates. However, similar rates also common among the 25-34 age range. Also, men are twice as likely to binge than women are.

Dangers of binging

Binge drinking is definitely very dangerous. For starters, it can quickly cause you to be very drunk very quickly. This can cause you to make poor decisions you might not have otherwise. People who binge tend to have higher rates of things like DUIs and getting into violent confrontations.

Of course, it also comes with health risks as well. Constantly binging will take a heavy toll on your body, especially the liver, stomach, heart, and brain. Plus, it can increase your chances of developing an alcohol dependency. It can also result in alcohol poisoning. This kind of poisoning is very dangerous and even fatal if you don’t receive treatment. 

Avoid binging

With how risky binge drinking is, it’s certainly something to avoid. The best thing to do is to keep track of your drink intake. Try to stick to having one drink each hour, so your body can fully process each one. A good way to do this is by spacing drinks with water. That way, you can limit your intake while also staying hydrated.

Make sure to also keep an eye on your friends drink intake as well. It’s always safer to cut them of than encourage their drinking. If you’re worried that they’ve already had to much, get them some water and stay with them. You want to be sure that they aren’t suffering like something like alcohol poisoning.