If you had a DUI last year, or struggled with an addiction to alcohol, then one of your goals this year might be to sober up. However, many people have some fears about this process. Still, staying sober is definitely something that you can do. Practicing a few strategies in particular can help you stick to your goals…

Staying Sober: Good Strategies

Avoid risky situations

An important part of staying sober is limiting your time around alcohol. This is especially important during those first weeks and months. If you aren’t around alcohol, then that temptation to drink is also going to go down. As a result, you’ll want to avoid risky situations.

These situations tend to be ones where you know alcohol is going to be out, such as at parties. This also means not hanging out with friends you know will drink, and won’t stop for your sake. It might feel like you’re cutting yourself out of social events. In reality, you’re just ensuring you’ll be safe and sober when you do go back out.

Build up a support network

A good support network is also crucial for staying sober. It can be tough to handle getting sober alone. Therefore, having good friends and family to lean on are a great resource. These friends and family members can help pick you back up when you feel yourself struggling.

Also, try to look for potential support groups to join, like Alcoholics Anonymous. That way, you can meet and talk to people who are going through the same things you are. Plus, those who have been doing it for years can give you some valuable lessons to help you on your journey.

Keep yourself busy

Boredom can be hard to handle when staying sober. When you don’t have anything to do, those cravings can start to creep back up. To avoid this, it helps to have something else to do to take your mind off of those cravings.

Sometimes, you might just need a short-term distraction, like through chewing some gum. For those longer-term ones, try to find a new activity or hobby to immerse yourself in. Maybe you start going to to the gym, or work on your hobby when you feel cravings coming on.