Caffeinated alcohol was a popular thing about a decade ago. Even though people took part in it, it had bad outcomes and the trend took a hard hit. However, these coffee cocktails are starting to make a comeback. This reborn trend has new recipes of boozy coffee popping up everywhere. Sure, it looks appetizing, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you guzzle some down.

Boozy Coffee: Should You Join In?

How it Makes You Feel

There are many reasons for someone to drink boozy coffee. For starters, you may want to have a night of fun, and make sure you can stay up for it. It can be hard to totally have fun after a hard day of work. However, if you have a drink that has caffeine, you can drink and stay up. If for nothing else, boozy coffee just sounds good.

Even though it may sound good or helps to lengthen a night of fun, it can have harmful side effects. For example, some people tend to think that because the caffeine wakes them up, they’re more sober. Sadly, this isn’t true. Because you still have alcohol in your system, you’re still drunk. However, you don’t feel as drunk and you drink more than usual. Of course, you can see the harm this could cause.

Driving and other Activities                                                 

Since people tend to think they’re more sober when they drink boozy coffee, they do things they shouldn’t. For one, they think they can drive. However, this is still driving under the influence and their perception still isn’t the best. Just because you have more energy doesn’t mean you’re not drunk! It just means you have more energy. On top of that, people will do other things they think they can do but actually can’t. Anythingas simple as cooking a grilled cheese when you get home is harmful because you aren’t sober.


Another thing that boozy coffee changes is your sleep. Of course, if you have more caffeine in your system, it’s harder for you to sleep. However, it doesn’t just make you go to sleep later. It also constantly wakes you up when you try to go to sleep. On top of that, if you’ve drank more alcohol because you feel “sober” it’ll give you a worse hangover. Less sleep and a worse hangover doesn’t sound like the best combination.

Boozy coffee can help to keep your night of fun going or give you a good treat. If you want to, try it! With that in mind, it’s best to take part in a new trend while being careful. Be aware of what can happen with your cup of boozy coffee; you’ll be safe while trying a new thing.