No one likes to feel hungover, so it’s not uncommon to wonder about how to cure a hangover. While there is no way to guarantee you won’t get a hangover, unless you avoid drinking all together, there are some steps you can take to help you feel better in the morning.

Cure a Hangover: Tips for Reducing Side-Effects

Stay Hydrated

One of the main causes of hangover symptoms is dehydration. Alcohol works as a diuretic, which causes you to urinate more and lose electrolytes. One way to cure a hangover iis to try and stay hydrated. Start drinking water before, during and after the time that you’re drinking alcohol. One tip would be to alternate water with alcohol for every other drink. This will not only help keep you hydrated, but it will also slow down the rate of your alcohol consumption.

Make sure to drink several glasses of water before you go to bed, and rehydrate in the morning too. The more hydrated you stay, the better you may feel in the morning. 

Drink Less (or None)

The easiest way to cure a hangover is to avoid one in the first place. By choosing not to drink alcohol, you will avoid any risk of getting a hangover. However, if you prefer to have a drink, do so in moderation. Pay attention to serving sizes.

Limiting the amount of alcohol that you consume will limit the chances, or severity, of a hangover. Hangovers are a side effect of your body not being able to process alcohol, so the less alcohol you drink, the better you may feel in the morning.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

While sleep won’t exactly cure a hangover, getting enough sleep will help you to feel better in the morning. A hangover can cause you to have a headache, and feel tired and irritable. Lack of sleep can make you feel the same way. By trying to get a good night’s sleep, you at least won’t be compounding the two issues. Plus, your body will feel more rested to combat the hangover. 

Alcohol can disturb your sleep rhythm, giving you a worse night of rest than usual. If you’re out drinking, try and get to bed at a reasonable hour and don’t have anything scheduled too early in the morning. 

Make Sure to Eat 

Making sure to eat before you drink is always a good idea. Drinking on an empty stomach can make you feel drunk more quickly. Your stomach will absorb the alcohol faster if you don’t have food on your stomach. This could lead to feeling more hungover in the morning.

Eating a good breakfast the next morning may feel like a way to cure a hangover too. Keeping your blood sugar up may balance out some of the negative effects from the acidity built up in your blood due to the alcohol. You can also help to replenish some of the vitamins and minerals you lost due to alcohol consumption. 

While limiting the amount of alcohol you drink is the easiest way to prevent a hangover, there are some steps that may help you feel like you found a way to cure a hangover. By staying hydrated, getting sleep, and making sure to eat, you’ll have an easier time the next morning.