As you begin to get sober, there’s going to be some changes that you’ll need to make in your day-to-day life. One of the toughest ones can be dining out while sober. However, there are some ways you can enjoy a meal out while avoiding a drink…

Dining Out While Sober: Pull It Off

Prepare yourself

Before you try dining out while sober, it’s helpful to prepare yourself. A big part of getting sober is avoiding being around alcohol. As you go back out, you’ll have to be ready to see other people drinking. Some places may also offer you a drink to go with your meal too.

Therefore, try and have a basic script to follow if someone does offer you a drink. That way, you can easily decline without being rude or panicking. Instead of alcohol, opt for something non-alcoholic, like a water or soda, to help keep your mind occupied.

Lean on your support network

Dining out while sober can be pretty simple when you’re by yourself. All you’ll want to do is avoid places which serve alcohol. However, there may not be times when you can to this. For instance, maybe you want some variety, or have to go somewhere for a birthday or get-together. In these cases, it helps to bring some support with you.

Those friends and family who have been supporting you can still help you out now. Here, they may choose not to drink to show their support for you. They can also help keep you grounded and shift your focus away from drinking. Having people right there to reassure you is always nice when you begin to feel stressed.

Watch your food choice

If you’re dining out while sober, you have to be a bit more careful about your food selection. In general, most hot dishes which use alcohol shouldn’t be a problem. This is because the actual cooking process burns away the alcohol itself.

However, cold dishes may still contain some alcohol. Even if it’s a minor amount, you still don’t want to consume any be accident. Therefore, always make sure to ask if you’re unsure about whether or not a dish has any alcohol in it.