Lincolnton, North Carolina Police have arrested a man last week when an illegal drug operation was discovered.  The investigation began after
an anonymous tip that was submitted to the police through the Drug Tip Line.  This tip was not probable cause to charge the man; however, it was enough to investigate the tip further.

Thereafter, undercover officers were in the process of purchasing illegal drugs from the suspect leading to the arrest of the suspect’s residence.  Police found two ounces of marijuana which they believe the suspect was growing in his house.  The man has been charged with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana along with maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance.

Many felony drug cases begin with a tip to the police leading them to investigate further.  In fact the law operates to allow probable cause to search one’s home, not from the tip, but from the investigation stemming from the tip.  If you or a loved one should find yourselves in such a precarious situation, where your freedom may be at stake, you want to contact an attorney with a good deal of experience.