Recently there was a story on the news about a police officer who was nearly hit by a car. The officer was performing a traffic stop on I-77 when a vehicle that was passing barely missed striking the officer.  This is the reason why North Carolina has a statute, 

North Carolina’s G.S. 20-157, in place known as the “move over” law.  The law requires vehicles to move over to another lane of traffic if they see an emergency vehicle on the side f the road.North Carolina’s G.S. 20-157.(2013.)

Move-Over LawsSpecifically the statute requires that if an authorized emergency or public service vehicle is parked within 12 feet of a roadway while giving a warning signal the driver of an approaching vehicle must either move their vehicle into the next lane of traffic away from the emergency vehicle.

The fine for a violation of this statute is $250.00 minimum with the potential to be a Class I felony if serious injury or death results due to a violation of this statute.

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