When the holiday season kicks off, so does the holiday season of drinking. The holidays are filled with social gatherings, parties, and celebrations. In fact, these events usually have a large spread of food and booze. Lots and lots of booze. If you are practicing sobriety, the holiday season can be a difficult stretch to navigate. With some will-power and a plan, you can stay sober at holiday parties.

How-to Stay Sober at Holiday Parties: Making a Plan

Prepare with Drink Alternatives

Have you noticed that people do not tend to offer you drinks when you already have one in your hand? If you want to stay sober at holiday parties, be prepared by making sure to hold a non-alcoholic drink option to avoid having to turn down drinks. Instead of pouring in the booze, prepare a mocktail instead. No one will be able to tell that you did not spike your drink, plus these mixes can be pretty tasty! If this is not an option for you, grab a soda, juice, water, or even a snack. Whatever it is, keep your hand full in order to prevent anyone offering you a drink.

Have an Excuse

You can prepare an excuse for why you are not drinking. Some good examples are that you have an early morning, or that you have a lot to do tomorrow. If you have kids, you can say that you have to take care of your kids when you get home. Another option is that you are driving. If you already have your reasoning for staying sober at holiday parties selected, you will be able to quickly give a response.

Have a Buddy

If you can, bring a friend with you. This friend can be from your support group, or someone you trust. This person can support you and help you stay sober at holiday parties. They can abstain from alcohol with you as well, making it a little more comfortable for you. Your friend can help keep you accountable as well. If you feel uncomfortable, they can support you in leaving the party.

There are plenty of ways you can make preparations to stay sober at holiday parties. While it may not be easy, it is very possible. You will just have to do some planning and preparation, but with being prepared with a drink alternative, a good excuse, and a buddy, you will breeze right though.