Weddings can be filled with opportunities for alcohol, but it is very possible for you to go to a wedding sober. Sure, there are open bars, cocktail hours, toasts, but it is possible. You just have to go in with a plan and stick with it, and you will be able to make it through the night. 

Staying Sober at a Wedding: Create a Game Plan

Grab a Non-Alcoholic Drink

When you don’t have a drink in your hand, you will most likely be offered one. If you are trying to be sober at a wedding, try and be proactive by already having a non-alcoholic drink in your hand. This will take away some of the anxiety you may have about being offered a drink by a friend, server or another guest. If you are nervous about standing out, just order a drink that could pass as a cocktail. Ginger ale, orange juice, and sparkling water could all pass as an alcoholic drink. 

Bring a Sober Date

If you are able to invite a date, try and bring someone who will be sober with you. As the night goes on, and more people are drinking, staying sober at a wedding can be difficult and draining. This person can help keep you accountable. Also, this person will be fun to hang out with when everyone else has had too much to drink.

Tell the Servers

When a server comes to refill your glass or pour a champagne toast, just tell them that you would rather have a non-alcoholic drink. If you are worried about being tempted, you could even let them privately know that ahead of time. This way they won’t end up offering you one in the first place. If the alcohol is just sitting at the table bothers you, excuse yourself to go to the restroom or for a walk. You may even check out the appetizer table and grab a few bites to snack on. These are just a few things to consider if you are staying sober at a wedding. 


If you find the temptations to be too strong to ensure you stay sober at a wedding, just leave. It is not worth risking your sobriety by staying at the wedding. Pop by the bride and groom and tell them congratulations if you have not already. Then, you can sneak out. People leave weddings early all of the time, so this won’t look unusual. 

There are certainly ways to stay sober at a wedding. No matter if you’re recently sober or have been sober for many years, you can do it. There will be temptations, and it may be challenging, but it is doable. Just make a game plan and use these tips, and you will be able to make it through the night!