These days, there’s several types of prescription pills which help in many different ways. However, these pills also tend to be commonly abused. Adderall is one of these pill types. Understanding what this drug does can help you understand why it is such a frequent source of abuse…

Adderall: How It Works

The drug’s effects

Adderall works as a stimulant which helps improve a person’s alertness and overall productivity. Usually, doctors will prescribe it to those who have some form of attention disorder, such as ADHD. Those with narcolepsy can also use it as a way to help keep them away throughout the day.

Some people tend to be confused as to how a stimulant seemingly helps someone with ADHD focus more and not less. The thing is, research has shown that the drug does help those with attention disorders when it comes to focusing and reducing their impulsive behaviors!

The possible risks

The biggest risks with Adderall come from either overuse or misuse. When someone takes the drug, it also releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical our brains release that make us feel good and happy. Due to this, people might take more of the drug in an effort to get that rush more often.

Other risks arise from those who take it but don’t actually need it. Students, for example, will take the drug to try and help them focus when studying or taking tests. Others will take it before they drink, claiming that it helps them not feel as “drunk” as they really are, which is itself already dangerous.

What to watch for

You can spot the signs of Adderall abuse much like you can with other prescription drugs. For instance, you may not be able to function normally unless you take the drug. You could also notice that your intake is increasing more and more.

If you aren’t careful, this could eventually lead to serious abuse and issues with the heart, sleeping, and your overall mood. That’s why it’s always good to stop taking them and see a doctor about any concerns you have. This will go a long way in helping you avoid serious problems down the line.