If you have diabetes, you might be curious about what your options are for having a drink. As it turns out, there are many diabetes-friendly drinks out there. However, some are friendlier than others. Knowing these drinks can help you enjoy yourself without having to worry about your health…

Diabetes-Friendly Drinks: Know Your Options


The first of the diabetes-friendly drinks to check out are beers. A standard 12-ounce beer tends to have about 15 grams of carbohydrates. This can be quite a large amount for a diabetic, which can make them not an appealing choice. Also, keep in mind craft beers can be worse, which can have twice the amount of calories, alcohol, and carbs. 

However, light beers are a different story. These beers, by comparison, can have only 3-to-5 grams of carbs. They’ll also have less calories, making them an all-around safer and healthier choice. Remember that “light” and “low-carb” beers are the same thing. Certain bars or brands might use one phrase or the other, so being aware that they’re the same can help you make the right call.


The next of the diabetes-friendly drinks to look at are wines. In general, wines are a bit better than normal beers. A usual 5-ounce serving of wine will have around 120 calories, but only around 4 carbs. Dry red and white wines are usually seen as the best choice, as they can actually help boost insulin efficiency. Still, remember that moderation is key!

On the other hand, you’ll probably want to avoid super fruity or sugary wines, like sangria. A serving of sangria can have about as much sugar as a bottle of soda. Same goes with those specialty flavored wines, like “dessert” wines. While these might have a unique taste, the risk just isn’t worth it.


The last of the diabetes-friendly drinks to look at is liquor. In general, liquor has the least amount of carbs out of all the other drinks. For instance, a standard one ounce serving of liquor has the same amount of alcohol as a serving of wine. However, it has practically no carbs in it. In terms of carbs, then, liquors will have the least compared to other drinks. 

Now, it’s important to keep in mind this only applies to straight liquor. Mixed drinks are a different story. Many common mixers, like soda and juice, can have serious amounts of sugar in them. That’s why it’s best to either avoid mixers, or opt for diet or sugar-free variants.