There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to drinking. As such, it’s important to you know what some common drinking myths are. That way, you can better prepare yourself to drink safely…

How-to Avoid Falling for Drinking Myths: Useful Facts

Reactions to alcohol

One of the drinking myths you may hear is that everyone reacts to alcohol the same way. The idea is that alcohol will interact the same no matter who you are. In reality, this isn’t the case. Just like with many things in life, people will react to alcohol in different ways.

There are many different factors which can affect a person’s reaction to alcohol. Things like body weight, metabolism and tolerance can all change how fast or slowly a person feels the effects of alcohol. There are also genetic factors, which can also influence if a person is more at-risk of an addiction than others.

Weekend drinking

Other drinking myths relate to drinking on the weekends. What some people like to do is not drink at all during the week until the weekend arrives. Then, once they begin drinking, they’ll have a large amount of drinks. This is because they believe that it’s okay to drink this way because they were sober during the rest of the week.

However, waiting to drink like this doesn’t make it any safer. Even if you haven’t had anything to drink beforehand, this kind of drinking behavior is still considered binge drinking. Not only can binging be rather dangerous in the short-term, but it can also lead to a long-term alcohol addiction.

Sobering up fast

Tips for getting sober quickly are probably the most well-known types of drinking myths. Some people claim that drinking coffee will help you get sober. Others claim that taking a cold shower will do the drink. In reality, these and many other supposed solutions are just myths.

There isn’t any way to suddenly get sober after you’ve been drinking. Instead, your only option is to wait until your body processes the alcohol in your body. In the meantime, drinking plenty of water and eating some healthy food could help you avoid a nasty hangover when you do get sober.