Drinking while having certain health issues, like diabetes, means you have to be a bit more careful than others. This is especially true if you have a gluten allergy. However, there are some gluten-free drinks out there. Picking these options can help you enjoy a drink while avoid a potential reaction…

Gluten-Free Drinks: Celiac-Friendly Sipping


The most commonly-drank of the gluten-free drinks is wine. This, of course, makes sense when you consider what wine is made out of. The main ingredient for wines are just grapes. Therefore, there isn’t anything in the base wine which would trigger a reaction in someone who has a gluten allergy.

Plus, all wine types use grapes as their main ingredient, just different versions of them. That means that you can drink red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines like champagne all the same. However, do keep an eye out for additives. Some of these could end up triggering a response, especially in things like dessert wines.

Certain liquors

You can also use certain liquors for gluten-free drinks. Tequila, for example, can fit this bill being that it uses agave. However, you have to make sure to get brands which only use 100% agave in their drinks. By extension, mezcal can also be an option, as it’s just a specific type of tequila. 

Rum is also a potential choice, as makers traditionally sweeten it with sugar cane. However, be sure to use clear rum, as flavored ones could have triggering additives. You can even use vodka, however only from brands who use potatoes, grapes, or corn.

Specialty-made beers

Normal beers certainly aren’t an option for gluten-free drinks. However, there are specialty-made beers which are gluten free. This is because these brands opt to not use any gluten in their brews. However, keep in mind that some might only be “gluten-reduced”. While these beers have less gluten than others, they aren’t actually gluten-free.

Still, there’s some beer-like options you can opt for instead. Ciders tend to be the most popular choice. This is because ciders are brewed with apples instead of wheat. These can be a much safer (and potentially better-tasting) choice.