The factors behind alcoholism are things people widely understand. However, not many people know of the factors behind opioid addiction. This growing problem has caused many to try and better understand why exactly addiction occurs…

Opioid Addiction: Factors Behind It

Chronic pain

The largest reason for opioid addiction is chronic pain. Initially, many doctors prescribed opioids due to how they helped relieve pain. This was especially useful for those with constant, chronic pain. However, it wasn’t until later that it became apparent just how addictive they were. Still, by that point, it was a case of too little, too late.

The main issue comes from continuous use. Eventually, the body will build up a tolerance to the drugs. This causes people to need to take more of the drug to achieve similar levels of pain relief. In turn, this ends up developing into an addiction.


The environment someone lives in also plays a role in opioid addiction. Many people who develop addictions tend to be poor, or live in poor areas. A lot also live with or around other people who constantly use these drugs. Factors like these encourage many to try the drugs when they normally wouldn’t.

However, many people who are young or aren’t poor also develop addictions. This can depend on the medical environment they’re in. Sadly, many drug companies have paid doctors to push these drugs on people. This can cause them to get hooked on a drug they never needed in the first place.

Other factors

There’s a few other factors which can lead to opioid addiction. For example, things like depression or anxiety can lead someone to try these drugs in order to feel “better”. A family history of addiction can also make play a role. Plus, if you tend to engage in risky behavior, you could be more at-risk to develop addictions.

For many people, it’s a combination of these factors which leads to an addiction. However, while these addictions are hard, they aren’t impossible to kick. Seeing what factors lead to addiction can help you recognize which ones might have the most influences on yourself.