A Wilmington, North Carolina police officer observed a vehicle speeding on Fourth Street in the early morning hours while on routine patrol.  As the officer prepared to stop the vehicle for speeding, and was advised by dispatch that he was initiating a traffic stop.  Following the call to dispatch, the officer observed the vehicle smash into a house.  This occurred at the intersection of Fourth and Ann Street.

The car hit a tree in the yard as it was barreling from the road, and thereafter smashed into an unsuspecting family’s home.  However, it appears as though the tree sustained the bulk of the impact, and damage to the house was slight.  Further, the residents of the house were unharmed.  The driver of the vehicle is being charged with DWI and reckless driving.

These unfortunate turn of events can be blamed on the fact that the man was intoxicated.  It is not a first-rate idea to drive when you have consumed anything more than one or two low-gravity drinks.