When you decide that you want to get sober, you may try and stop right then and there. However, quitting cold turkey can be a bit risky. Knowing the potential dangers can help you better prepare and reassess your strategy…

Quitting Cold Turkey: Know The Dangers

Physical risks

It doesn’t take long for you to feel the effects of quitting cold turkey. On average, alcohol withdrawal symptoms first begin appearing eight hours after your last drink. They’ll then continue to peak for about 2-3 days, with most of them going away after a week or so.

Usually, you’ll notice the physical effects first. This can include sudden shifts in body temperature, headaches, and nausea. You could also start finding it hard to eat or drink water, develop a rapid heartbeat, and begin shaking uncontrollably. In very rare cases, you may even experience seizures!

Mental risks

Quitting cold turkey means you need to be prepared for mental symptoms as well. For a lot of people, they’ll become very irritable and brash. They won’t think about what they’re saying, or who they’re saying it to. Instead, the withdrawal will make them overly hostile to pretty much everyone.

You may also feel very depressed and anxious during this time. It can become hard to remember things too, which can make you feel even more frustrated. Combined with the physical symptoms, you want to make sure you’re ready to quit drinking so suddenly.

What you can do

Should you decide that quitting cold turkey is what you want to do, take steps to get ready for those risks. Try to ensure you’ll be able to rest as you sober up and have all the necessary supplies, so you won’t have to go out. Make sure your friends and family are also able to help you. Of course, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention should you feel you need it.

However, you might want to consider going to a treatment facility instead. These places are will ensure you get sober in a healthy and safe way. Plus, you’ll also learn ways to keep sober when you leave. That way, you not only can get clean, but you’ll be better prepared to stay that way in the days to come.