Making the decision to get sober is a difficult but important step in the right direction. However, many people worry that their social life will suffer as a result. Still, there are some ways for you to stay socially sober. Doing so will help you maintain your friend circle while also getting healthier…

How-to Stay Socially Sober: Handy Techniques

Pick non-alcoholic choices

One of the issues with getting socially sober is feeling excluded when others are drinking. It can be a bit awkward to be doing nothing when everyone else is having a drink. Still, you don’t have to simply do nothing. Instead, you can enjoy some non-alcoholic drinks.

Of course, there’s some obvious options like water or juice. While these options are easily available, they can be a bit boring, especially when you’re out. You may instead want to try some non-alcoholic versions of your past favorite drinks. That way, you can still have something to enjoy drinking along with everyone else.

Go out with sober friends

Another good way to stay socially sober is by having sober friends. You may find that some friends who drink may not invite you out as much when you get sober. This may be because they don’t want to pressure you by proxy. Others may do the opposite and try and make you drink any time you’re out with them.

Therefore, it can be good to make some sober friends instead. When you go out with other sober people, then you won’t have to worry about those issues anymore. Instead, you and your friends can enjoy your time together without any alcohol.

Be the designated driver

Being socially sober can come with benefits not just to you. Your friends who still want to include you socially can also benefit. In particular, being the designated driver for your friends is a good way to stay involved and help out your friends in the process.

Since you’ll be sober, your friends won’t have to worry about someone drinking to much and being unable to drive. At the same time, you can ensure that your friends make it home safely after a night of drinking. Now, not only can you still hang out with them, but you can also help keep them safe too.