Not far up the road, Asheville, North Carolina has the title of being the city with the second most number of breweries per capita in the United States. Charlotte and the surrounding areas are having breweries pop up left and right. With so many new, and long-standing breweries in the area, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. You may be surprised to learn that there a number of things you can do at a brewery. Next time you are wondering, here’s several ways to spend time at a brewery.

How-to Spend Time at a Brewery: Fun Things to Do

Brewery Tour

If you are interested in seeing how beer is made, many breweries actually offer brewery tours. This is a great way to spend time at a brewery. These will allow you to see some of the behind the scenes action. Some of the breweries will even include a tasting as part of their tour. However, if you want to do a tour, it is best to call ahead or check online to see if they have scheduled tour dates and times. Depending on how busy the location is, you may even have to make a reservation or buy tickets in advance. Sometimes, these tours are free and others could be for a fee.

Exercise Events

Breweries have started offering fun exercise classes or clubs in order to attract customers to come in. Some breweries offer yoga classes, while others may have a weekly run club that starts and finishes at the brewery. This could be a really fun way to spend time at a brewery. Most times, people will stay afterwards to grab a drink. Also, it is a perfect situation for meeting new people with similar interests too. However, not all breweries offer yoga or running events. It is a good idea to check online or call the brewery to see if they have anything like this in place.


Some breweries host weekly or monthly games. These could include things like trivia or bingo. It is a fun way to hang out with friends and also spend time at a brewery. Most people will grab food and a drink, and hang out for the entire game. The game could last anywhere from an hour to a few hours. Usually, there will be prizes for the winner as well!

Hang Out

One of the most common ways to spend time at a brewery is just to go grab a drink. Some breweries allow dogs, which can be a big draw for people. Lately, they have been trying to make breweries feel fun and inviting. Therefore, this can be a great place to hang out with friends or family. Sometimes, if breweries do not have a kitchen, they may have a local food truck serving food. Other times, you may hear a band or live music playing at a brewery. This all adds up to a really fun, relaxing time.

As you can see, breweries can be a great place to visit. In addition, to being a fun place where you can grab a beer, they have become great places to exercise, play games, or even do a tour. With so many great options, you may have a hard time trying to decide how to spend time at a brewery.